RM Curriculum

Students must complete the course requirements in the Baccalaureate Core, the Renewable Materials Core, and one of the two options described below. Students are also required to complete six months of approved work or internship experience, usually during the summer months.

Renewable Materials Core Requirements (63)

These requirements prepare the student for many aspects of a career in renewable materials.

Departmental Requirements
ECON 201 (4) Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 202 (4) Introduction to Macroeconomic
FOR 111 (3) Introduction to Forestry
FOR 112 (3) Computer Applications in Forestry
FOR 141 (3) Tree & Shrub Identification
FOR 240 (4) Forest Biology*
WSE 111 (2) Renewable Materials for a Green Planet
WSE 210 (4) Renewable Material Technology & Utilization
WSE 321 (3) Chemistry of Renewable Materials
WSE 322 (4) Physical & Mechanical Properties of Renewable Materials
WSE 324 (3) Renewable Materials Lab
WSE 415 (3) Renewable Materials in the Modern Age
WSE 453 (3) Global Trade in Renewable Materials^
WSE 455 (4) Marketing & Innovation in Renewable Materials
WSE 461 (4) Manufacturing with Renewable Materials 1
WSE 462 (4) Manufacturing with Renewable Materials 2
WSE 465 (2) Industrial Manufacturing Experience
WSE 471 (3) Renewable Materials in Building Construction
WSE 473 (3) Bioenergy & Environmental Impact

* BI 101 General Biology and BI 212 Principles of Biology are approved substitutions for FOR 240.

Baccalaureate Core Courses Required to Fulfill RM Core Requirements (30 credit hours)

(Not satisfied by the Renewable Materials Core or an Option)

Fitness & Health
Fitness - HHS 231 (2) Lifetime Fitness for Health
HHS 241-248 (1) Lifetime Fitness (various activities) or any PAC course (1-2)
Writing Courses
WR 121 (3) English Composition
WR 214 (3) Writing in Business or WR 327 (3) Technical Writing
COMM 111 (3) Public Speaking or COMM 114 (3) Argument Critical Discourse
Other Baccalaureate Core Requirements
Cultural Diversity Elective (3)
Difference, Power, & Discrimination Elective (3)
Literature & Arts Elective (3)
Western Culture Elective (3)
Science Technology & Society Synthesis Elective (3)
Global Issues Synthesis Elective (3)


These two options allow the student to focus their studies on the aspects of renewable materials that are most interesting them.

Marketing and Management Option (87)
This option prepares students for careers that: help organizations solve problems and be more effective; become leaders in business or non-profit organizations; discover consumers’ desires for new product features or develop new international markets for existing products. It combines all the career flexibility of business training with specialized knowledge to give you the competitive edge in the job market. Graduates will earn a Minor in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

BA 211 (4) Financial Accounting
BA 213 (4) Managerial Accounting
BA 230 (4) Business Law
BA 260 (4) Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BA 351 (4) Managing Organizations
BA 360 (4) Introduction to Financial Management
BA 390 (4) Marketing
CH 121 (5) General Chemistry
CH 122 (5) General Chemistry
MTH 111 (4) College Algebra
MTH 241 (4) Calculus for Management & Social Sciences
ST 351 (4) Introduction to Statistical Methods
ST 352 (4) Introduction to Statistical Methods
Physical or Biological Science with Lab (4)
Free Electives (5)
Restricted Electives: Select a minimum of 12 credits from the following list.
AREC 352 (3) Environmental Economics and Policy
BA 357 (4) Operations Management
BA 364 (4) Project Management
BA 396 (4) Fundamentals of Marketing Research
BA 452 (4) Leadership and Team Building
BA 458 (4) Innovation and New Product Development
BA 460 (4) Venture Management
BA 497 (4) Global Marketing
ECON 340 (4) International Economics
OSCA 488 (6) Climate Change & Nat. Res. Management: Insights from Scandinavia (Study Abroad)
Approved Area of Concentration: A minimum of 12 approved credits, including 8 upper-division credits. It may be satisfied by completing a program of study approved by the department's lead advisor.

Note: Completion of the M&M option and meeting additional grade requirements of the College of Business will fulfill the requirements for a transcript-visible Business and Entrepreneurship minor. Students who graduate and complete the minor, may also apply to the College of Business to enroll in a 58-credit, four-term MBA degree program.
Science and Engineering Option (87)
The S&E option enables you to developspecial expertise in a specific technical area of interest. This can be a field of science or engineering, or you can create your own curriculum. This path can lead to careers in problem solving, technical services, new product development, research, or to graduate school.
BA 215 (4) Money and Investment Management
BA 230 (4) Business Law
CH 121, 122, 123 (5, 5, 5) General Chemistry
MTH 251 (4) Differential Calculus
MTH 252 (4) Integral Calculus
MTH 254 (4) Vector Calculus I
PH 211, 212, 213 (4, 4, 4) General Physics with Calculus
ST 351, 352 (4, 4) Intro to Statistical Methods
Free Electives (5)
Approved Area of Concentration: A minimum of 27 approved credits, including 12 upper division credits. The Area of Concentration may be satisfied by completing a program of study approved by the department's lead advisor.

All graduates of our program must complete at least six months of experience working in the industry, usually in the summer months. This work provides good pay and valuable experience that enhances employability after graduation. It also broadens the student's horizons, reinforces course work and aids advisors by providing another viewpoint on the student's strengths and weaknesses. The Department maintains good working relationships with many companies that recruit summer interns or permanent employees from OSU. Faculty assistance in finding appropriate positions is available.

^ Writing Intensive Course