Anndrea Hermann

Anndrea standing in a hemp field.

E-Campus Instructor




B.S., Hemp Ecolonomics, Missouri Southern State University, 2002

Premasters, University of Manitoba, 2004

M.S., Science of Hemp Agronomy, University of Manitoba, 2008

Rural Business Training Course, Manitoba Agricultural Food and Rural Initiative, 2011

Certified Professional Agrologist, Manitoba Institute of Agrology, 2004-Present

Health Canada Authorized THC, Seed, Derivative, and Crop Sampling with Transporting, 2005-Present

Hemp Building Accreditation, International Hemp Building Association, 2011-Present



With over 15 years experience in the Canadian and international hemp cannabis industry, Anndrea has  a wide range of interdisciplinary skills including hemp fibre & seed agronomy, hemp field trials & crop THC sampling, product quality standards & testing, sales, marketing, product development, regulatory affairs, certifications & licensing, client to client connections, hemp building applications, project analysis, bodycare, fashion, food and so much more….


Honors and Awards:

Canadian Provincial Nominee Award, Unique Skilled Worker & Canadian Landed Immigrant, 2004


Growing Forward - Canadian Federal Funding for Hemp Fibre Agronomy Research, 2004


University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship,  2004


Canadian Government- Investment Champion, 2010


Canadian Citizenship, 2011


Champion of the New Rural Economy, Manitoba Government,  2011


President of the Hemp Industries Association, 2012


Area of Specialization:

Not only does she respect this plant but it is a way of life for her, eating hemp, wearing hemp, building with hemp, speaking about hemp, sharing knowledge and inspiring others to do the same. Cannabis is part of what Anndrea calls her final vocabulary.  


Current Research:

-International re- and new introduction of hemp cultivation- Slovakia, Russia, South Africa and Netherlands

-Hemp Variety Trails

-Special Committee Member of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance - Regulatory Review

-USA state legislation



WSE 266: Industrial Hemp


Recent Publications:

Hermann and Owen. 2013. Hemp Farming Guide. Hemp Industries Association.


Johnson, Gan, May, Balasubramanian, Vera, Friesen and Hermann. 2010. "Production of Selected Special Crops on the Canadian Great Plains.", in Malhi, Gan, Schoenau, Lemke and Liebig. (eds.) - Recent Trends in Soil Science and Agronomy Research in the Northern Great Plains of North America, Research Signpost, Trivandrum, India, Chapter 10.


Hansen-Trip and Gordon. 2009. “Ontario Hemp Alliance: Canadian Industrial Review Project.” Peer reviewed and edited  by Hermann.


Hermann. 2008. The Effect of Plant Population Density and Harvest Timing on Agronomic Fibre Yield and Quality Characteristics of Industrial Hemp (Cannabis), Cultivar Alyssa, grown in The Parkland Region of Manitoba, Canada. Dept of Plant Science, U of Manitoba. Masters of Science Thesis.


Hermann. 2008. Appendix D. Canadian National Industrial Hemp Strategy (NIHS) pp. 284-344, – Literature Review of the Agronomics of Industrial Hemp: Seeding and Harvesting Literature Review Agronomics: Industrial Hemp Seeding and Harvesting Prepared by: Composites Innovation Centre for Project Sponsor: ARDI III B-27 Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiative, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.